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Zemní práce

Construction Division

General deliveries of turnkey buildings, reconstruction, complete construction work including crafts, earthwork and excavation work

construction of housing and civic amenities

engineering constructions and communications

industrial buildings

agricultural buildings


thermal insulation systems of facades

plasterboard structures and suspended ceilings

carpentry construction

We offer a wide range services in the construction industry

Commercial  buildings

Residential buildings

Preparatory work

Construction work

Special projects


Civil engineering

Terrain work

Building references

Family houses - Strakonice pod Kuřidlem

Construction of 21 family houses, communications and utility networks.

Garanstav Group 

Family house - Strakonice, Rovná

Construction of a family house.

Garanstav Group 

Sales office of Garanstav Group - Strakonice

Construction of commercial building and offices.

Garanstav Group 

Terraced houses - Strakonice behind Stínadly

Construction of 32 townhouses, communications and utility networks.

Garanstav Group 

Tire service, car service for cars and trucks - Písecká Strakonice street

Construction of commercial space.

Garanstav Group 

Terraced houses - Strakonice behind Stínadly

Construction of 32 terraced houses and communication networks.

Garanstav Group 

Car showroom, motorhomes and caravans - Strakonice

Construction of commercial space.

Garanstav Group 

Multifunctional building - Strakonice - Rivel s.r.o.

Construction of a multifunctional building.

Garanstav Group 

Hotel Resort Lovecká Bašta - Strakonice

Construction of a new hotel building.

Garanstav Group: RI Partners

Strakonice Brewery - brewery, brewery, warehouse

Construction of the Strakonice brewery - brewhouse, still, warehouse.

Garanstav Group 

Strakotex production plant

Construction of the Strakotex production plant.

Garanstav Group 

Warehouse and shop - Strakonice

Construction of a warehouse and shop for wholesale trade.

Garanstav Group 

Police and fire stations - Katowice

Construction of a police and fire station.

Garanstav Group 

Apartment building - Strakonice

Construction of an apartment building.

Garanstav Group 

Elementary school - Katowice

Reconstruction and insulation of the building.

Garanstav Group 

Apartment units - Soběšice

Reconstruction of 8 residential units.

Garanstav Group 

Elementary and Kindergarten - Radomyšl

Insulation and heating of the elementary school and kindergarten building.

Garanstav Group 

Kindergarten - Sušice

Insulation of the kindergarten building.

Garantstav Group

Family houses - Strakonice Za Rájem

Construction of 7 family houses.

Garantstav Group

Pulmonary department - Strakonice

Construction of the lung department building.

Garantstav Group

Hydropower plant - Přeborovice, Katovice

Construction of a hydroelectric power plant.

Garantstav Group

Water treatment plant

Construction of a water treatment facility.

Garantstav Group

Supermarket Coop - Strakonice

Construction of a commercial building for the Coop supermarket.

Garantstav Group

Warehouse - Sousedovice

Reconstruction of the glass space.

Garantstav Group

Church of St. Martina - Radomyšl

Reconstruction of the roof and truss of the church SV. Martin.

Garantstav Group

Communications and sidewalks - Radošovice

Construction of roads and sidewalks.

Garantstav Group

Multi-purpose buildings of the OU - Jickovice 3

Construction of multi-purpose buildings for OU.

Garanstav Group 

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