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Garantstav Stavební ST

Business Division

We offer rental of administrative buildings, non-residential premises, commercial premises, warehouse and production premises, car dealerships and car repair shops.

rent of administrative buildings

rental of non-residential premises intended for commercial activities (e.g. wholesale, retail)

rental of space for restaurant activities

rental of spaces for entertainment activities (disco, bowling, game rooms)

rental of car repair shops, car dealerships

rental of camper vans and motorhomes

Zemní práce

Construction Division

General deliveries of turnkey buildings, reconstruction, complete construction work including crafts, earthwork and excavation work

construction of housing and civic amenities

engineering constructions and communications

industrial buildings

agricultural buildings


thermal insulation systems of facades

plasterboard structures and suspended ceilings

carpentry construction


Development division

Preparation and implementation of building plots, terraced and family houses, apartments, commercial, business and production areas.

building plots

residential buildings and communications

commercial buildings


Road transport and earthworks

Excavation and earthworks. Logistically, we provide transportation of goods from our partners to their customers from 3.5 tons to 24 tons across Europe.

excavation and earthworks

transportation and logistics

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